Having been a large lawnmower sales and service dealer for over 37 years, I was skeptical read more...
Randall W.


"Having been a large lawnmower sales and service dealer for over 37 years, I was skeptical of the product when I first heard about it. But since trying it myself and recommending it to many of my customers (We sell it in our store, now) I am very impressed in how this works. Most additives that I have evaluated fall way short of expectations, in fact most I have tried were outright scams. Not "Mechanic in a bottle". Many of our customers that have units that do not run correctly due to restricted carburetors that have been gummed up by old gas sitting in them, have been able to use the "Mechanic in a Bottle" as directed and save a very costly carburetor cleaning and rebuilding. The stuff is really amazing. Keep in mind, though, that there will always be some carburetors that are too far gone to be corrected by this product and will still needed to be rebuilt or replaced, but I would always recommend trying the "Mechanic in a bottle" FIRST. In addition, it is one of the ONLY products that seem to be a very good fuel stabilizer as well. Older versions of fuel stabilizers just plain DON'T WORK! The same company also makes a product called "Ethanol Shield" This is nearly the same product, but does not have the same cleaners and is mainly used to stabilize gas for storage. Both will do nearly the same jobs except the "Mechanic IN A Bottle" has the very special cleaners that are made to completely dissolve the varnish and restore the fuel to its usable state. I give this product a 5 Star rating."
Randall W.

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Mechanic In A Bottle

  • Quickly fix engines without removing the carburetor.
  • Reconditions rubber / plastic components.
  • Rejuvenates rubber gaskets that may have dried out from ethanol.
  • Removes water that causes corrosion and poor running.
  • Restores old, decayed fuel by breaking down carbon deposits and adding an octane booster to replace lost octane.
  • Keeps engine in top working condition, avoiding repairs and down time.
  • Made in the U.S.A. and EPA registered.


Fix poor or non-running engines with Mechanic In A Bottle.  This synthetic fuel additive works in your power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.  It removes all varnish in the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor, removes carbon deposits, removes water, reconditions rubber and plastic components, and revitalizes old fuel.  Mechanic In A Bottle rejuvenates your equipment’s fuel system so that it starts efficiently and operates in top condition.

"Not a replacement for 2 cycle oil"

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