By this Sunday afternoon in August I was fed up. Since the early spring my lawn mower was read more...
Steven Z


"By this Sunday afternoon in August I was fed up. Since the early spring my lawn mower was getting harder and harder to start. Now no matter how hard I pulled or primed my mower was dead. It gave me no hint of even thinking about starting. When I went to the website of my favorite Mower repair shop there was a link to stories about the problems that using Ethanol might cause to a small engine. The solution was to treat my gas with a stabilizer.

Because in Georgia almost all gas purchased in the spring and summer is Ethanol I went right over to Home Depot to get some ethanol fuel stabilizer. When I compared the labels of various products "Mechanic In A Bottle" was the only one that had instructions for use on an engine that would not start. I bought a bottle of MIB and followed the instructions.

What a pleasant surprise the next day when my dead mower came to life and started right up on my FIRST pull of the starter cord.

Thanks for a great product that worked exactly as advertised."
Steven Z

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B3C Fuel Solutions LLC manufactures an environmentally friendly family of unique products and solutions for ethanol & bio-diesel blended fuel (bio-fuel) related problems. Our products have been third party tested and proven to offer the best protection available against today’s fuel related issues.

Gasoline Test Kit 5 pack
  • TEST for fresh, marginal, or bad fuel in 2 & 4-cycle equipment before damage occurs
Mechanic In A Bottle family of products
  • Synthetic additive FIXES poor / non-running 2 & 4 cycle engines
Ethanol Shield Family of products
  • PREVENT 2 & 4 cycle engine problems; stabilizes up to 3 years, eliminates ethanol issues & more
Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle family of products
  • Ultra-concentrated fuel additive to fix & protect diesel fuel systems; removes water, prevents gelling / algae
12" Tank Snake
  • Diesel fuel system protection; continuously removes water in storage tanks; standard and custom versions
Engine Energy
  • Seven (7) in one (1) synthetic gas & diesel fuel additive increases horsepower & mileage; stops ethanol / corrosion