Miracle drug for lawnmowers and unhandy homeowners. Last year $50 to get carb cleaned read more...
John D


"Miracle drug for lawnmowers and unhandy homeowners. Last year $50 to get carb cleaned because of ethanol. This year - pour MIB into tank after draining leave overnight and VROOOOM. it runs better than ever. 
Thank You!"
John D

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The Problem With Ethanol

Damaged bowl gasket(click for details)

Ethanol Harms Rubber and Plastic

Did you know that ethanol can have devastating effects on power equipment? Ethanol blended gasoline can damage plastic and rubber fuel system components, particularly in older power equipment not designed to tolerate ethanol. In the example to the right, the bowl gasket became brittle and non pliable.  The 2-cycle carburetor diaphragms on the far right are stiff causing starting and running problems. The primer line and return lines are brittle causing fuel to leak.

White rust carburetor sludge(click for details)

Ethanol Corrodes Engines

Ethanol is corrosive by nature and hygroscopic (attracts water), particularly when higher amounts of water are present.  This type of damage to a carburetor is typical when phase separation occurs and the highly corrosive ethanol / water mixture corrodes fuel system components.

(click for details)

Ethanol Causes Fuel Decay

High amounts of oxygen in ethanol blended fuels cause gasoline to decay faster, and if left standing for long periods of time, the decaying fuel leaves varnish and sludge deposits as depicted in these carburetor images.

Gasoline and milk are both organic -- they decompose the same way.  A foul, sour smell indicates BAD GAS! Power equipment not treated with an ethanol fuel stabilizer will become hard to start within 30 days.  Gasoline will decay in as little as 60 days!

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